Cape Coral and Southwest Florida Events

Event DateApptEvent Name
4/28/2017   Leadership Cape Coral Class of 2017
7/22/2017   Cape Coral Farmers' Market - Cape Harbour
7/25/2017   Surfside Sunset Market
7/26/2017   2017 Candidates Hobnob presented by Gulf Coast Village
7/29/2017   Cape Coral Farmers' Market - Cape Harbour
8/1/2017   Business Card Exchange Hosted By Energy Harness
8/1/2017   Surfside Sunset Market
8/5/2017   Cape Coral Farmers' Market - Cape Harbour
8/8/2017   Surfside Sunset Market
8/9/2017   General Membership Luncheon Meeting
8/10/2017   Food for Thought Luncheon Seminar; Making Heads or Tails of Retirement Savings Plans
8/15/2017   Surfside Sunset Market
8/18/2017   Women's Leadership Conference 2017
8/22/2017   Surfside Sunset Market
8/29/2017   Surfside Sunset Market
9/4/2017   Welcome Center and Chamber Offices Closed


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