Cape Coral and Southwest Florida Events

Event DateApptEvent Name
5/15/2017   Gentle Wind Down Yoga
5/15/2017   PreNatal Yoga Class
5/18/2017   PreNatal Yoga Class
5/18/2017   Gentle Wind Down Yoga
6/16/2017   Beginner Flow Class
11/17/2017   Rhythm on the River
11/17/2017   Leadership Cape Coral Graduation - Class of 2017
11/18/2017   SW-Florida Comic-Con
11/18/2017   Edison Garden Festival
11/18/2017   Edison Garden Festival
11/20/2017   Helping Hands for the Holidays
11/21/2017   Surfside Sunset Market
11/23/2017   Holiday Dining on the Gulf of Mexico
11/23/2017   Welcome Center and Chamber Offices Closed
11/24/2017   Holiday Nights
11/27/2017   Book Talks - Short Story Collections
11/28/2017   Protecting Your Privacy When Disposing of Old Devices
11/28/2017   Ghosts of the Desert: Gertrude Bell
11/28/2017   Surfside Sunset Market
11/28/2017   Goodwill's Festival of Trees
11/29/2017   Walk Through Bethlehem
11/29/2017   How We Won the War but Lost the Peace
11/30/2017   Mozart in Film: Amadeus
12/1/2017   Walk Through Bethlehem
12/1/2017   Ribbon Cutting - Nickle Ride
12/2/2017   Holiday Festival of Lights 2017
12/4/2017   Swedish Sirens: Hollywood and the Nordic Femme Fatale
12/5/2017   Tour the Historic Palm Cottage
12/5/2017   Business Card Exchange Hosted by Coralina Apartments
12/5/2017   Surfside Sunset Market
12/6/2017   Breaking News and Issues of the Day
12/7/2017   Life on the Visa Line
12/7/2017   Special Events Designed with a Strategic Purpose
12/7/2017   Business After Hours Hosted by Brand 1 Ink
12/9/2017   Bike Night
12/9/2017   Celebrate the Holidays at Cultural Park
12/11/2017   Book Talks - Short Story Collections
12/12/2017   Painting as Sculpture
12/12/2017   Monthly Meeting
12/12/2017   Surfside Sunset Market
12/13/2017   The Immediate Post-War Social, Political and Economic Consequences of World War I on America
12/13/2017   General Membership Luncheon Meeting
12/14/2017   Aesop's Fables Fractured
12/14/2017   Origins of the Classical Symphony
12/16/2017   Holiday Boat-A-Long
12/16/2017   Holiday Boat-A-Long
12/19/2017   Surfside Sunset Market
12/26/2017   Surfside Sunset Market


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