Cape Coral and Southwest Florida Events

Event DateApptEvent Name
12/3/2018   Florida Child in Need of Extremely Rare Blood- OneBlood Leading Worldwide Search to Locate Donors
2/4/2019   MicroEnterprise
2/4/2019   MicroEnterprise Class
3/2/2019   Garden Grandeur
3/2/2019   Mustang Car Exhibition
3/2/2019   Ian Maksin and Michel Gonzalez
3/2/2019   Rhythm on the River- Hell Freezes Over, an Eagles Tribute
3/2/2019   Cape Coral Farmers' Market - Club Square
3/2/2019   The Platters & Cornell Gunter's Coasters
3/5/2019   Surfside Sunshine Market
3/7/2019   Where They Could Go to Be Safe and Why
3/7/2019   Food For Thought "Marketing 101: What You Didn't Know You Didn't Know"
3/8/2019   Council For Progress Monthly Meeting
3/9/2019   Cape Coral Farmers' Market - Club Square
3/10/2019   Taste of the Cape
3/11/2019   MicroEnterprise Class
3/12/2019   Membership Development Committee Meeting
3/12/2019   Surfside Sunshine Market
3/12/2019   History Cape Coral’s Electric Power
3/13/2019   General Membership Luncheon Meeting
3/16/2019   Silk Scarf Painting
3/16/2019   Cape Coral Farmers' Market - Club Square
3/17/2019   Lonestar
3/19/2019   Executive Board of Directors Meeting
3/19/2019   Surfside Sunshine Market
3/21/2019   Yes, Anne, Maybe You Were Right
3/23/2019   Drawing in the Gardens with Megan Kissinger
3/23/2019   Cape Coral Farmers' Market - Club Square
3/26/2019   Board of Directors Meeting
3/26/2019   Surfside Sunshine Market
3/27/2019   Government Affairs Committee Meeting
3/28/2019   Education Committee Meeting
3/30/2019   Cape Coral Farmers' Market - Club Square


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